Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision
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Leading to the Bright Future.

Purpose & Values

Since Framför started, we have strived to keep society and people running. Operational Efficiency is the fundamental tool to have a brighter future. Through systems and solutions that increase productivity and follow new sustainable standards, we can make this possible.

We are committed to:

  1. Providing quality and comprehensive, innovative solutions in Intelligent Automation and Control Systems coupled with technology expertise and applied to create total system Solutions in Commercial, Industrial and Home to our customers;
  2. Delivering innovations to help our customers in improving their business efficiency, reducing their operating costs, optimizing their energy usage, and ultimately, increasing their profitability;
  3. Serving the welfare of the community at large through our strategies and actions in line with our commitment to sustainable development and energy savings built on economic progress, social development and environmental improvement.


Framför’s mission is to develop innovative, high-tech and cost-efficient systems to keep society and people efficient. Our aim is to constantly develop, adopt and improve new technology to meet changing customer needs, allowing technological access to the most remote areas.

An ultimate solution provider with a reputation for expertise, quality, and cost effective in the world of automation and to advocate sustainable environmental protection by maximizing our consolidated effort through unmatchable cooperative teamwork. To be able to achieve our vision and mission, our strategic thrust through will be:

  1. Focus on profitability and return on investments over growth;
  2. Maintain a lean and flexible organization;
  3. Employ quality assurance in pursuit of service excellence;
  4. Practice sound financial management;
  5. Employ effective project management processes;
  6. and Develop strong project management teams and support systems.
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  • Collaboration ecosystem and technologies: Brazil, England and Sweden
  • Business Strategy: London, UK
  • Offices in London (UK), Porto Seguro (BR), and São Paulo (BR)
  • Expertise: Automation and Cloud Computing
  • Private limited company