Beyond Limits: Your Dream Aircraft

With the sky as our canvas, Framfor Financial Services presents an unmatched experience. Tailored financing with rates set to soar. Leasing options crafted for flexibility at every altitude. Protection plans ensuring your flight remains worry-free. And a seamless transition from one aircraft to your next destination.

Experience the advantages of aircraft ownership without the burdensome responsibilities of day-to-day operations through our comprehensive aircraft management service. Entrust us with intricate tasks, including compliance with aviation legislation, coordinating aircraft maintenance, recruiting staff, and ensuring efficient aircraft operations. Benefit from our services that not only cut costs but also enhance overall operational efficiency.

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Fond of flying in the newest aircraft models? Leasing presents an opportunity that allows you the flexibility to change aircraft more frequently.


  • Lower initial costs   
  • Flexibility to Upgrade    
  • Fewer long-term considerations 
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Ready to own your Aircraft outright? Financing lets you enjoy your aircraft 
without restrictions.  




  • Ownership and Equity
  • Personalize with customized options
  • Cost Effective over Long-Term
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Payment Estimator 
Estimate monthly payments and compare costs of leasing and financing.
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Special Offers 
Take advantage of current offers across models.
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Aircraft Locator 
Find your dream Aircraft on Framför’s Catalog. 

*For an in-depth understanding of what influences private jet pricing, we encourage you to explore our Private Jet Price Factors.
**Disclaimer: Framfor, while not a banking institution, offers financial services related to aircraft through partnerships with financial entities, leveraging partnerships with various financial institutions to meet your needs. It’s crucial to understand that Framfor does not operate as a banking institution. Our role encompasses facilitating financial solutions through our network of partners, tailored to the specifics of aircraft acquisition and operational financing. For comprehensive details on the terms and conditions that govern these services, we advise consulting the legal terms available at
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